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Fakir Thorplex Food Processor Rosie


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 413.21

The Fakir Thorplex food processor, which was developed with the aim of reducing the time you spend in the kitchen and speeding up the processes, brings the fun methods of cooking to the kitchens. The product, which performs multiple operations smoothly with its functional parts, makes it easy for you to use energy and time efficiently. Its 1000 W motor power allows the new generation food processor to set 8 different speeds. Supporting speed applications with different apparatus enables operations that are difficult to be done by hand to be performed in seconds. Equipped with features to carry out different preparation processes, Thorplex offers the ease of fulfilling the recipes you have difficulty in preparing, effortlessly. Features Adding Value to Your Life Thorplex, one of the most popular models of the poor food processor series, adds value to your kitchens with its qualities. Designed to make it easy to use, the device offers you features that make a difference in accordance with its purpose. Two mixing chambers, consisting of metal and glass, with a capacity of 5 liters, offer alternatives for selecting materials suitable for recipes. The LED lighting positioned on the device helps in processes such as adjusting the consistency of the recipes and controlling the texture of the food. The transparent protection cover, designed to accompany the whisking and mixing processes, provides the opportunity to monitor the process while keeping the application area clean. You can perform assembly, disassembly and cleaning operations without any problems with the apparatus sets that attract attention with their designs suitable for the process you will perform. The Creator of Professional Recipes, Fakir Thorplex food processor gives its users unlimited freedom to create recipes that will make professional chefs jealous thanks to its wealth of apparatus. Changing your food preparation habits and shortening the preparation processes, Fakir's new generation robot allows you to catch the variety you cannot find for your special recipes. Ideas that you put aside because they require the use of many devices and apparatus, take their place on the tables with Thorplex. The food processor, which is compatible with changing tastes, cooking techniques and consumption options, introduces you to meals that will make you happy. The modern food processor, which helps to create special menus for your family members, friends and yourself, guarantees a delicious meal on your tables.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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