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Fakir Retroplex Food Processor Rosie


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 485.59

Small household appliances, especially produced for the kitchen and for various needs, perform difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive operations in seconds. One of the most well-known and most used of such small household appliances is food processors. Food processors combine many different functions with their features. The food processor models, which are highly influenced by the development of technology, appear in front of the users with different functions every day. One of the most preferred products that combines these different functions is Fakir's innovative Retroplex Food Processor. Fakir Retroplex Food Processor meets your needs in the best way with its various apparatus and heads. All you have to do is enjoy the convenience of the kitchen and spend the rest of your time for yourself. More than a Food Processor Food processors are shaped according to some expectations of users. Users expect functions such as kneading, whisking and mixing to be performed by the food processor. Developed accordingly, Retroplex manages to meet the needs of users with its various titles. Thanks to its powerful engine, Retroplex, showing superior performance even in the most difficult ingredients, allows you to easily make your pastry recipes. An Extremely Powerful Motor The Retroplex Food Processor manages to fulfill your wishes in seconds with its powerful motor. Thanks to the 800 W motor power, the product reveals itself and its success in each function in the best way. Retroplex, which never allows its performance to decrease, maintains its power from the first time you start it until the last moment. Thus, professionalism is always with you. All the Functions You Are Looking For In One, Retroplex reaches you with different apparatus and heads for whisking, kneading and mixing processes. Thus, various problems such as wasting time trying to knead the dough with your own hands, and dealing with whisking for hours become a thing of the past. The whisk attachment allows you to prepare various ingredients such as cream, whipped cream and foam egg whites. With the kneading apparatus, you can prepare doughs such as bread, pastries, cookies, rolls, bagels, pizza and pasta. Bringing out the best performance from the softest dough to the hardest dough, Retroplex helps you always save your time. The mixing apparatus included in the product allows you to easily prepare dough such as cake and crepe dough. Ideal for more liquid dough mixes, this nozzle traps maximum air into your dough while mixing. Easy-to-Use Features With its various features, Retroplex makes it extremely easy and safe to use. Thanks to the transparent protection cover that prevents splashes, the product prevents the materials from splashing on your counter and other belongings during use. The product, which does not move at all during operation with its silicone suction cup feature that prevents slipping, also prevents possible dangers. Thanks to 8 different speed settings, the product allows you to choose the speed you want according to your dough and mixture. Be the Chef of Your Own Kitchen Retroplex, also called a food processor or a stand mixer, allows you to be the chef of your own kitchen thanks to its features. The elliptical mixing feature of the product evenly distributes all of your ingredients to the dough. Thus, every part of the food you prepare will taste the same, and your cakes will rise evenly. Retroplex, which allows you to move the head easily with the elevator latch, can be optionally purchased with a meat and mincing apparatus. This apparatus allows you to pull your ready-made meat and grind it into minced meat without the need for a town. The 5.2 liter mixing chamber capacity makes all the ingredients ready for use in one go. This container is suitable for long-lasting use thanks to its stainless steel material. Bringing innovation to your kitchen with its design, Retroplex Food Processor is your best assistant where all your needs are brought together.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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