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Fakir Freelander BL 6056 Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Silver Stone Yellow


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 307.54

Fakir Freelander BL6050 Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner offers an advanced cleaning opportunity with its ergonomic design and superior suction power. The model, which provides a practical use in home and workplace cleaning with its high-performance engine power and large dust container volume, helps you to easily clean even difficult areas thanks to its functional apparatus. carries. The product, which has been developed with user satisfaction in mind, prepares the environment for you to have a trouble-free and pleasant cleaning experience. Powerful Shooting Power and Performance Fakir Freelander BL6050, which draws attention with its new generation technologies and functional features, offers a powerful performance with its 890 W engine power. The product, which has a usage diameter of 8 meters and a cable distance of 5 meters, makes it easy for you to clean even large areas without any problems. Pioneering a practical use thanks to its time-saving dust bagless structure, the product provides a quality experience to its users, both ergonomically and economically, with its easy-to-remove dust container. The HEPA 13 filter of the vacuum traps very small dust particles and dirt and prevents dust from escaping. In this way, the product, which brings air cleaning with it, carries the sweeping process to a more hygienic and clean dimension. Freelander BL6050, which helps you to adjust the level thanks to the power adjustment buttons on the body, offers functional options for you to easily clean even large and difficult areas. Filters that Improve Hygiene Offering an advanced performance with its electronically adjustable vacuum power, the Fakir Freelander Bagless Duster Vacuum Cleaner does not occupy much space with its easy parking position. The model, which offers an ergonomic storage feature thanks to the broom fixed to the section at the bottom of the body, allows you to save both time and space. The product, which can be collected practically with the automatic cable winder, allows you to perform post-cleaning operations more easily. The model, which ensures the separation of dust particles thanks to the cyclone filter, ensures that the dust always stays in the chamber and prevents it from coming out. At the same time, it prevents dust particles from escaping into the engine and offers a longer lifespan. The product, which provides air cleaning with a cassette filter, helps your home or workplace to be healthier and more hygienic. The model, which does not harm the floors with its soft and sensitive wheel structure, makes cleaning not an ordeal with its easy-moving structure. Easily Reach Even Difficult Areas Freelander BL6050 Vacuum Cleaner, which offers an extremely practical use thanks to its dust bagless structure, is a functional and efficient product with the indicators on it. Thanks to the telescopic vacuum pipe, the product, which allows you to easily clean even difficult areas or high places, performs smoothly even in long-term use. The model, which provides cleaning in all kinds of environments thanks to its low, medium and high pulling power options, brings a smooth and comfortable experience with its silent working principle. Fakir Freelander BL6050 Electric Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, which helps you to easily vacuum areas such as between cushions, stairs and wall corners, offers a versatile hygiene. While cleaning hard floors and carpets easily with the floor apparatus, it also provides superior cleaning on stairs. The product, which helps you to clean curtains and furniture thanks to its specially developed upholstery apparatus, makes it easier to clean your living spaces from top to bottom. The bagless vacuum cleaner, which draws attention with its practical structure and superior suction power, makes house cleaning more enjoyable and easy.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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