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Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender Violet


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 102.72

With the developing technology, blenders are one of the products that have been included in the lives of users with different shapes, features and designs in recent years. Blender models combine different functions and do difficult and laborious tasks in the kitchen in seconds. Thus, a great deal of time and energy is saved. Blender models, which make it easy to use with their ergonomic designs, also attract attention with their easy working features. Personal blender models are also available to the user with a more compact design. Combining many functions in one piece, these products are especially good for making delicious drinks, crushing ice or smashing fruit. Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender also manages to offer all the features that a blender should have in the best way with its features and design. Get to Know Fakir Dynamic's Powerful Engine The engine power of a personal blender is the feature that best reveals its performance. Considering this situation, Fakir equips Dynamic with 600 W powerful motor. This engine delivers superior performance in every single function. Breaking down, crushing and pureeing all the ingredients in seconds, Dynamic helps you prepare your delicious and healthy drink in a practical way. Fakir Dynamic improves its performance with its extra technical features and provides a professional and enjoyable use to its users. Possibility to Use Two in One Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender offers its users all the features that a blender should offer with its various functions. In addition to these necessary functions, Dynamic, which can also be used as a coffee and spice grinder, helps you to meet your different needs with a single product. You can have a pleasant coffee break with Dynamic, which grinds your delicious coffees in the best way. The product, which allows you to grind the spices you will use while preparing your meals, helps you to bring the taste of your food to the top with fresh spices. Stainless Steel Blades Dynamic provides a long-lasting and efficient use thanks to its stainless steel blades. These knives, which shred even the toughest and hardest materials in seconds, are not affected by washing and water. Thus, you will have a long-lasting use opportunity without abrasions. Ergonomic Grip Fakir Dynamic has a compact and ergonomic design. The product, which makes it easy to use with its non-slip and silicone holders, also prevents you from feeling any discomfort with its non-slip feature. Sealed caps eliminate the problem of your material overflowing from the edges and contaminating the surrounding area. The foldable carrying ring on the cover of the product allows you to carry the product easily when you need to. Thanks to the non-slip sole feature of the product, it prevents safety problems that may occur during operation. With all its design features, Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender provides easy use. At the same time, the product creates an extremely elegant and stylish style in your kitchen with its modern appearance. In short, Fakir Dynamic offers you all the design features you need and should have in a blender in its best form. Different Capacity Mixing Bottles and Grinding Containers Fakir Dynamic reaches you with extra apparatus and bottles. Some of these are 570 ml and 400 ml mixing bottles with BPA Free feature. These bottles allow you to use according to the amount of your material. So you can shred and crush all the ingredients as you wish. The 180 ml grinding bowl with BPA Free feature allows you to easily grind your coffee and spices. With all its functions, apparatus, easy-to-use features and more, Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender offers you all the technologies you expect from a blender in the best way. All you have to do is enjoy the comfort and high-level performance to the fullest.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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