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Fakir Darky Comfort Vertical Electric Super-Purple


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 117.04

Fakir Darky Comfort is only suitable for light home and office cleaning. This appliance can be used for cleaning hard floor, carpet, upholstered furniture, bed. In addition, the energy-saving product is produced with a special technology.
With its advanced triangular apparatus, the model provides effective cleaning on sensitive surfaces. In addition, you can attach the other apparatus that comes with the product by pressing the back area and easily removing the triangle apparatus.
Fakir Darky Comfort Vertical Vacuum Cleaner has the feature of being wiped clean with a damp cloth cloth. The product should not be washed under water.
You can easily clean corners and hard-to-sweep areas with the handle that can be easily rotated. With this feature, the product has an ergonomic use.
You can collect the cable by wrapping it around the winding hooks.
You should clean the vacuum cleaner, which can only be operated with the dust filter installed, by emptying the chamber for long-term use.
Technicial Specifications

Power: 800 Watts
Color: Purple
Volume: 74
Powder Volume: 1 liter
Dust Bag: Yes

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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