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Fakir Atomic Rondo Rosie


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 104.31

Fakir's Atomic Rondo is a great piece of equipment for your kitchen as it can chop different vegetables in the size and shape you want. Made with premium quality materials and German technology, you can rest assured that this product will make your job easier and cooking a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Design Made Easy for Aesthetics Kitchen appliances don't have to be boring equipment sitting on your counter and waiting for you to use them. They can be lively and inviting and also blend well with your kitchen's overall decor. Fakir's Atomic Rondo is one such product with an aesthetically appealing design suitable for any kitchen decor. With its compact design of 23 cm height, 22 cm width and 18 cm depth, it does not take up much space on your counter, while it can become a central part of your table with its attractive color combination. Similarly, it has a non-slip and easy-to-use plastic base that holds the chopper firmly in place so you can have better stability while using it. Easy to Use and Care A time-consuming part of cooking is the cleaning that comes after it. But with the Fakir Atomic Rondo, it is no longer a time-consuming task. The bowl that holds the vegetables is made of glass, while the blades are made of stainless steel, so they are easy to clean. Also, since these materials do not rust, you do not have to worry about rusting. Safety is First Priority As with all Fakir products, safety is the top priority, so everything is taken care of to ensure that the product is completely safe to use. First off, you're not exposed to the blade at all, and the tight coating keeps vegetable bits from flying around. In general, Fakir Atomic Rondo provides you with an enjoyable kitchen experience in the form of easy vegetable cutting, time saving and, more importantly, an enjoyable and mess-free cooking experience.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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