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Arnica UT64010 Steam Generator Iron Rose


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 263.84

UT64010 Steam Generator Iron Rose
Arnica UT64010 Steam Generator Iron Rose, which is an ideal option for those looking for useful and high performance ironing models, brings innovations in steam ironing technology to your home.
Arnica UT64010 Steam Generator Iron Rose for a Fast Ironing
UT64010 Steam Boiler Iron Rose, which has a 1.7 liter water tank and 400 grams of shock steam capacity, works with 2400 Watts of energy. It draws attention with its 7.5 bar pressure and removable reservoir, powerful dry steam spraying feature. In addition to the ceramic soleplate, the continuous steam capacity of 120 grams enables the fabric surface to be ironed faster and at the desired level.
Easy Control, Superior Security
The ironing model with a boiler, which can be refilled continuously while working, also has an automatic shut-off and safety lock system. The model, which is ready for ironing in 2 minutes, also offers great convenience with its dual-level temperature control, low-noise operation and descaling system.
You can order the UT64010 Steam Generator Iron with rose color right away and buy it with Arnica assurance and the price advantages of the iron suitable for your budget.
Technicial Specifications
• 2400 W
• 1.7 lt water reservoir capacity
• 400 gr. Shock of steam
• Automatic shutdown
• 120 gr. Continuous steam
• Ceramic soleplate
• 7.5 bar pressure
• Removable water tank
• Ability to fill continuously while working
• Safety lock
• Descaling system
• Dual level continuous temperature control
• Dry steam
• Low noise
• Automatic shutdown
• 8 hours De-calc alert
• 2 minutes. Ready system

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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